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FOR NEW CLIENTS $50 per dog Our "Warm-Up" sessions are designed for new clients that want to get to know us and let their dogs try our service out! This required first time session allows us time to get to know your dog, assess their fitness levels, + begin building a relationship with them. Dog parents must be present for initial meeting during this session.

FOR CURRENT CLIENTS Prices starting at $55 Our Cardio Sessions offer a tailored blend of walking, trotting, or running, catering to your furry friend's unique pace. Throughout the session, we ensure regular breaks and hydration intervals for their utmost comfort. Regardless of their pace, these sessions engage your dog's cognitive agility, core strength, stability, and leg muscles, providing a holistic workout experience. This service is an ideal fit for dogs bursting with energy, those embarking on weight management journeys, and even smaller or senior dogs desiring brisk-paced walks within a secure and controlled environment. Our skilled trainers are committed to crafting Cardio Sessions that match your pup's needs, fostering their overall health and happiness.

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